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Limited edition

100 numbered pieces, by model and color


Handmade in Italy

“Arabeschi”, the new collection presented by the designer Piero Massaro at this year’s Mido Eyewear Show in Milan, is an exercise in contemporary style.

Its initial inspiration came from various of Francis Bacon’s extraordinary portraits, but gradually the designer focused on creating acetate frames where only the boldly contrasting colours echo the works of the Irish painter.
Tortuous capriciously colourful strings and streaks swim inside transparent spaces, endowing the entire collection with a graceful and vivacious tone.

All the models have a shiny base, in order to bring out the translucent brilliance of its colours.
However –typical of this designer’s love of contrasting tactile and visual interplays – various little details on the front add opaque or brushed effects.

As always, the collection comes in a limited and numbered edition (one hundred pieces for each model and colour).

Catalog of the collection

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