Piero Massaro

Vertical gardens

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Limited edition

100 numbered pieces, by model and color


Handmade in Italy

Piero Massaro is a designer, but he is also a gentleman and, as such, he likes to give flowers! But he does this in his own way, with a collection in which acetates, with warm and welcoming nuances, evoke images of plants and flowers of every form and colour; the brushed effect of the acetate enhances the colours, giving them an almost hypnotic power.

On some models the front frame is milled on three different levels, one for each of the three layers of acetate, and the finish displays an elegant interplay of shine and opacity; the temples, like elegant stems, complete them harmoniously.

“Vertical gardens” is a tribute to the floral world, a symphony of colours that we can almost smell!

Catalog of the collection

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