Piero Massaro

Of Sicilian origin but venetian adoption, Piero Massaro immediately strucks for his fresh and original creativity, cloaked in delicious details and lacking of abused contamination.

He entrusts the realization of his eyeglasses only to the capable hands of artisans working alongside him, that must perform with almost obsessive precision.
In 2014, after an initial nomination in 2012, he was awarded a prestigious special prize by the international jury of Silmo D’Or. He lives and works in Veneto, but his bond with his native land, Sicily, is very strong and his origins are sometimes almost touchable in the colors he chooses for the acetate, that seem to perfume of oranges, almonds, pistachio nuts …


Each of his collections tells us his passion for the craftsmanship, creating and spreading the taste for handmade things, according to the rules of the past.


Via Battisti 14,
30035 Mirano,
Venezia – Italia
+39 (0)41 5703505
+39 (0)41 481706
[email protected]


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