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The new project designed by Piero Massaro is launched with a number, “18”: a discreet, understated, minimal eyewear collection, capable of expressing classic style and elegance while remaining completely on trend and universal.
However, as the saying goes, less is more!


In fact, on closer examination, the small details that make it unique stand out: a new, exclusive hinge that shows off its perfect, cylindrical shape; an embossed triangle on the head of the two screws that fasten it to the frame, a symbolic reference to Sicily, whose symbol is the Trinacria; and the temple tips, also triangular, but positioned as the mirror image of the triangles on the screws: finally the light-coloured, transparent nose pads, which present an unexpected, appealing contrast with the single colours or havana shades of the frontpieces.

And why 18?  because the designer has a close relationship with numbers and, not only does the sum of its two elements (1 and 8) make 9, which is his favourite number, but also, if written horizontally, they respectively become a temple and a frontpiece! Inspired by a vocation for craftsmanship, and 100% made in Italy with high quality materials, the collection includes six styles, each available in three colours: black, havana and single-colour, offering a total of…18 possibilities!

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